questions to determining the style and size of tent needed:
  • How many guests are invited?
  • Is your event an open house or will people attend the entire party?
  • If there will be a meal, will it be plated or buffet?
  • What activities will take place under the tent? Will space be needed for food, guest seating, dance floor, band, bars, dessert tables, etc.
  • What type of surface will the tent be placed on? ie: Grass, Concrete, etc.
  • What style of tent is best for the event?
  • Pole tents are tensions tents; therefore they require staking on all four sides. Make sure you have appropriate ground for staking. They also require center poles. Our Century/pole tents have beautiful, tall peaks that create a WOW factor!
  • Frame tents may be placed on any surface, and are stand-alone tents. Due to the possibility of wind, these tents must be installed with stakes or weighted for safety. They are great on patios and decks.
  • Remember when measuring for tents you need to consider that the tie down straps extend 5ft. out from each side. That means you will need a 30 x 40 space to accommodate a 20x30 tent.